Softly diffusing light through the washi paper, Japanese umbrellas are perfect for interior decoration.

Japanese Umbrella Interior Decoration

Tsujikura’s Japanese umbrellas are being used as versatile interior decoration.
In Japan they express Japanese hospitality, and overseas they are being displayed in new and unique ways.
Japanese umbrellas are being used with the display stand “Shitsurae”and lit up in Japanese restaurant interiors. Tsujikura are delighted to hear reports from pleased customers who say the umbrella lighting “transforms the whole room into a harmonious and relaxing space.”True Japanese umbrellas really draw people in with their charm.

List of Products


Umbrella Display Stand


(Sturdy umbrella)

おはりばこさん 和傘のインテリア かわいらしい蛇の目傘【

(Slender umbrella)


(Japanese Parasol)

Higasa (Japanese parasol)Higasa (Japanese parasol) $230.74

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $240.35


Out of stock

Janome (Slender umbrella)

Cherry Blossoms/Jyanome Pattern

Janome (Slender umbrella) $528.77

This is a janome umbrella with an image of a fleeting love in the season of cherry blossoms. The hand-painted cherry blossom petals give it a three-dimensional effect. It will be delivered in one to three months after the order is placed. It can be made with a Japanese umbrella of any color you wish.


This is a miniature size Japanese umbrella with a Yuzen pattern of seasonal flowers. The miniature size makes it easy to use as a Japanese interior. The miniature size is also suitable for Japanese interior decoration. It comes with a bamboo umbrella stand, an umbrella bag, and a cosmetic box.



"Shochikubai" Shochiku-bai is a combination of pine, bamboo, and plum as a symbol of auspiciousness and good fortune, and has been used in Japanese celebrations and as a design for gifts. This miniature Japanese umbrella with its auspicious Japanese design is also suitable for Japanese interior decoration. It is a must-have for authentic, commemorative gifts. It comes with a bamboo umbrella stand, umbrella bag and a box.