Notice of Delays Due to Kansai Airport Closure

Tsujikura uses Kansai International Airport for overseas shipping; however the airport is currently not functional due a typhoon. Due to an alternative airport being used for shipping, product arrival will be delayed. We ask for your kind understanding of the situation.

和傘のインテリア 海外でインテリアとして使用されている和傘

Softly diffusing light through the washi paper, Japanese umbrellas are perfect for interior decoration.

Japanese Umbrella Interior Decoration

Tsujikura’s Japanese umbrellas are being used as versatile interior decoration.
In Japan they express Japanese hospitality, and overseas they are being displayed in new and unique ways.
Japanese umbrellas are being used with the display stand “Shitsurae”and lit up in Japanese restaurant interiors. Tsujikura are delighted to hear reports from pleased customers who say the umbrella lighting “transforms the whole room into a harmonious and relaxing space.”True Japanese umbrellas really draw people in with their charm.

List of Products


Umbrella Display Stand


(Sturdy umbrella)

おはりばこさん 和傘のインテリア かわいらしい蛇の目傘【

(Slender umbrella)


(Japanese Parasol)