Umbrella Display Stand

Following on from wagasa, the Tsujikura Umbrella Display Stand also shines with the craftsmen's talent.
Wooden pins are used to make this Japanese cypress box.
All four quarters are joined with the hairpin joint process, with corners lightly shaved to give a smooth touch and a warm finish. Furthermore, the burnt brand is proof that it is an original Tsujikura product.
Marbles are poured into the box as a weight, and stabilize the umbrella when it is inserted.

You can rest assured because the wagasa does not touch the floor directly so even if it is left there for a long time there is no burden on the stretchers, and there is no fear of the wind carrying it away. This stand is the most perfect co-ordinate for wagasa, bangasa (sturdy umbrellas) and higasa (parasols).
We hope you will enjoy using it in your home or business.

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