Q.What is a Japanese Umbrella?

A.It is an umbrella with a bamboo frame to which Japanese paper is attached.

Q.What types of Japanese Umbrella are there?

A.There are bangasa, jenome-gasa, higasa, mai-gasa, and nodate-gasa.

Q.Can I use a Japanese Umbrella in the rain?

A.Japanese Umbrella, which is made of Japanese paper coated with vegetable oil and waterproofed, can be used as a rain umbrella. There are “Bangasa” and “Janome-gasa”.

Q.Can I use a rain umbrella (bangasa, janome-gasa) as a parasol?

A.It is not recommended to use it under the sun for a long time, as it will accelerate the deterioration of the Washi.

Q.How to take care of a rain umbrella (bansasa, janome-gasa)?

A.After using it on a rainy day, drain water well, open the umbrella, and hang it in the shade to dry.

Q.How should I store my Japanese Umbrella?

A.Please keep it in a well-ventilated place when it is completely dry.

Q.How do I hold a Japanese Umbrella?

A.Please hold the top part slightly below the top, or hold the string attached to the top or the leather strap.

Q.How do I place a Japanese Umbrella?

A.Place it with the top side up.

Q.How do I open a Japanese Umbrella?

A.Point the top of the umbrella down, and when it opens a little, hold the rokuro (the wooden part attached to the inside) and push it up slowly.

Q.How does the color of Japanese Umbrella change?

A.As time goes by, the color will change from white to flaxen with a tasteful hue. Its function as a rain umbrella remains the same.

Q. Can you ship overseas?

A. Yes. We can ship overseas.

Q. What about customs duties?

A. Customs duties are paid by the recipient.

Q. How long does it take to arrive?

A. It takes about 5 days to a week to reach North America and Europe.

Q.What is the currency of the prices in the online store?

A.It is U.S. dollar.