Q. Is there any advise of caution about the maintenance of wagasa?

A. To increase the life of the wagasa, dry well in the shade after using in a rainy condition.

Q. What is the best way to store the wagasa?

A. It is better to let it open, put insect repellent (commercially available one for clothes) and store in a drafty place. It will shorten its life if you store the wagasa unopened after you purchase. Please open the wagasa in a drafty place once or twice in a year if it is left unused for a long period.

Q. How do I hold the wagasa?

A. Please hold a little below the top of the wagasa when you carry around. For the Janome wagasa hold the string on the top, and for the Bangasa hold the leather string.

Q. How can I place wagasa?

A. Please place the handle side down, the other way round of the usual umbrella. Please note that the rain drops will wet inside of the umbrella if it is placed upside down.

Q. Is there any caution when opening the wagasa?

A. It may be hard to open because of the waterproof grease. Please face the top of the wagasa down, softly hold the runner and push slowly to the top. It may damage the wagasa if you squeeze or push too hard.

Q. Is it possible to repair?

A. The method of repair depends on the level of damage. It is impossible to repair with the same type or color of Washi paper. Many of the customers request the repair when the Washi paper has already come to end of its life and it is better to get the new one rather than repairing. It is also impossible to repair if the stretchers are broken. When the spring is broken and the umbrella closes automatically, it is possible to fix by replacing the spring, however, it also depends on the degree of the damage, so please consult the store for detail.

Q. What is the difference between Bangasa and Wagasa?

A. Bangasa is strong and big-boned, which makes best use of the beauty of bamboo and washi paper. Bangasa is commonly used by men. Janome umbrella is a beautiful, slim wagasa with colorful washi paper and beautiful strings, which can be used by customers of both sexes.

Q. When is the wagasa first used?

A. It was brought from China during the Nara Period. In the Heian Period, it is started to manufacture originally with Japanese bamboo and washi paper. It was first used as a parasol for the nobility, and Bangasa and Wagasa became widely used in the Edo Period.

Q. How can I store Mai-Higasa?

A. Please wipe the closed parasol with a dry cloth, and put insect repellent inside.