〜Nodate(japanese garden umbrella)〜

Nodate means to enjoy tea ceremony outdoors (in the field).
Nodate is a tea ceremony where tea is served while enjoying the beauty of nature, and is held in Japanese gardens and parks with beautiful scenery.
Tsujikura produces Nodate umbrellas made of handmade Kurotani Washi, and although they are custom-made, you can specify the color. (Black, yellow, navy blue, etc.)
⚫︎2 shaku 5 sun
Total length: 218 cm (including the jointed handle portion: 108 cm)
Diameter: 145 cm
Length of umbrella: 83 cm
Weight: approx. 2800g
⚫︎3 shaku Total length: 218 cm (including 108 cm for the jointed part)
Diameter: 177cm
Length of umbrella: 97 cm
Weight: approx. 3,300g