Exposure of Japanese culture and tradition and adding colors to your travel memories in Kyoto

Join in our workshop ~ Mini Wagasa ~ at Tsujikura, the long-established wagasa manufacturer since 1690.
We prepare the same materials as our craftsmen produce wagasas, which are all made in Japan.
This mini wagasa comes with a bamboo stand and a gift box, and you can bring it home with you.
Mini Wagasa making workshop is quite unique to Kyoto.
Reservation is preferable.

What is Mini Wagasa?

It is a miniature size wagasa, perfect for decoration.
From its shape Wagasa has been said to be a lucky charm to guard people from rain and snow and from evil things.

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Materials are all made in Japan.
You can make your own mini Wagasa with the same materials our craftsmen use.

Wagasa craftsmen at Tsujikura in the making.

All materials are made in Japan.

A message from our craftsmen in Tsujikura

We would like people overseas to appreciate a Japanese traditional handcraft, Wagasa.
And we hope that more and more people will have an opportunity to encounter Wagasas,
so we will be able to pass our Wagasa tradition onto future generations.
Join our workshop and find charms of Wagasa.

Ideas from our customers

Photo taking with your Mini Wagasa in Kyoto
A wonderful accessary for your favorite dolls
A charming display at your entrance
A special gift from Kyoto

We offer 2 plans

Choose from two plans: “①Standard Plan” or “②Premium Plan”.
You can choose from two plans.

①Standard plan ¥11,000( included tax )

・1 and more participants
・About 90 min. class
・You have a combination of choice of bamboo bones, Washi and decorations up to 180 .
・The size of mini Wagasa: about 27cm ( 11 inches) long and 35cm ( 14 inches )
in diameter

Example of Standard Plan Princess Wagasa, approx. 27 cm in length and 35 cm in diameter

Example of materials available

The Standard Plan experience.

② Premium plan ¥33,000 ( included tax )

・ You have a beautiful and wide variety of choice of materials such as colored bamboo bones,
washi with gold paints, real leaves inside, and so on.
・ About 120 min. class
・ You will put on a happy coat and you will look just like a Japanese craftsman!
・ Enjoy a special class to feel traditional Japan.
・ The size of mini Wagasa: about 33 cm ( 13 inches) long and 42 cm ( 17 inches ) in diameter

Red bamboo bones special for premium plan

The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Example of Premium Plan Princess Wagasa, approx. 33 cm in length and 42 cm in diameter

bigger size of Mini Wagasa than that of the other plans

Comments from our participants

Here is what our customers have to say after their experience.


We enjoyed making Mini Wagasa.
We have joined many workshops in Kyoto and in other cities,
but this workshop is challenging and worth trying.
We felt a sense of achievement.
We recommend this workshop.
We think children over 10 years old will complete a pretty wagasa with kind instructors.


Very informative, beautiful & culture rich experiences


I got to know how to make umbrellas.

I enjoyed myself a lot.

The sizes of Mini Wagasa

comparison with a 500ml PET bottle.
(center) standard plan – 27cm long and 35cm in diameter.
( right ) premium plan ‒ 33cm long and 42cm in diameter.
The image of a fully opened Mini Wagasa.

What you can take home

You can bring your Mini wagasa with you after the workshop.
Mini wagasa comes with a bamboo stand, a gift box and a paper bag.
It is a lovely Japanese gift or your own memory of Kyoto.

Bamboo umbrella stand

Cosmetic box and handbag

~Workshop Place ~

TSUJIKURA Bldg. 5th floor, east side of Kawaramachi Shijo Agaru, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto City 3 minutesʼ walk to the north from Exit 3 of Hankyu “ Kyoto Kawaramachi Station”.
Our building is located across Kawaramachi Opa building.
There is an elevator for the TSUJIKURA Building next to Ringer Hut Restaurant on the 1st floor.
Please go up to the 5th floor.

TSUJIKURA Building is across Kawaramachi Street from Kawaramachi Opa

The first floor of TSUJIKURA Bldg.

Desks and chairs are available for the trial class.

Telephone : 075-221-4396 ( 12:00 ~ 18:00 Wednesday off )
Reservation: Through Internet
Payment: cash or credit card
Class start: ①10:00〜 ②13:00〜 ③16:00〜
Please contact us if you want a workshop beside the time schedule above.
Email : [email protected]

1. When your class runs over time, our staff help you to finish.
2. Please contact us if you donʼt receive a reservation confirmation email within 2 days
business days. Without the email, your reservation is not confirmed.
3. Cancellations are accepted up to 2 days before the class, and with a full fee charged for cancellations on the day before or the day of the class. Please be aware that cancelling without notice may affect your ability to make future reservations.