Japanese umbrella

The Washi paper is greased and it can be used as an umbrella. It is a strong umbrella. The elegance and the beauty of the color of the Washi paper flatters Japanese style clothing.Recently, it is also popularly chosen as a memorial item for wedding, or a gift for cerebrately occasions.

List of Products

Bangasa (Sturdy umbrella) $630.39

"Fubuki" (blowing snow) The black bark of kouzo and other trees, as well as the thick fiber bonds, are not removed, leaving the texture of the bark as in "fubuki". The raw materials are carefully selected and manufactured with the utmost care and quality. We hope you will feel the long story of how it is made. 黒谷和紙の和傘

Janome (Slender umbrella)

Pure White(White)/High Quality

Janome (Slender umbrella) $672.41

Out of stock
Bangasa (Sturdy umbrella) $546.34

Washi craftsmen and wagasa umbrella craftsmen work hard every day to preserve and pass on to future generations the traditions and culture that have been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times in Japan. The combination of these two traditional crafts has resulted in a beautiful and genuine Kurodani Washi umbrella through a number of processes. We are pleased to offer you a superb product made by "Kyoto Kurotani Washi" and "Kyoto Wagasa shop Tsujikura". [caption id="attachment_21122" align="alignnone" width="328"]京都黒谷和紙の特選番傘 Kurotani Unryu paper[/caption]