Tsujikura’s Japanese umbrella NFT was produced

Tsujikura, a Kyoto Japanese umbrella shop, has created NFT of Japanese umbrella as a new attempt.

What is NFT?
NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is digital data with a certificate of authenticity and ownership that cannot be copied or forged.
It is one of the digital technologies that have made it possible to add unique value to digital data that is essentially copyable.
NFT is attracting attention as a new genre in which well-known international and domestic companies are beginning to enter the market.

This product is Tsujikura’s first NFT digital data.
This Japanese umbrella NFT is produced using 3DCG modeling technology.
The product modeled for this project is “Kyoto Kurotani/Suzaku”.
Using Kurotani Unryu paper made specifically for Japanese umbrella, Tsujikura’s craftsmen create beautiful Japanese umbrella.

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