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辻倉は創業326年 日本で最古の和傘屋

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-Experience Rustic Colors-

Kyoto’s Hanamachi – Maiko, Geiko and Wagasa


Jyanome (Slender umbrella)

吉兆 番傘に手書きで店の名前を入れる

Bangasa (Sturdy umbrella)

Japanese Parasol (Higasa)

Tsujikura's special selection


Tsujikura’s special selection
-Jyanome pattern-



Japanese Umbrella Interior



Product Selection

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $490.60

Tsujikura craftsmen carefully tailor this durable and beautiful Japanese parasol from Kyoto's Kurotani Washi paper, which is handmade for the Japanese umbrella.

Out of stock
Higasa (Japanese parasol) $396.25

Kurotani's Unryu paper, handmade for Japanese umbrellas, is the strongest and most beautiful paper made by Tsujikura craftsmen.

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $226.42

Out of stock
Higasa (Japanese parasol) $226.42

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $235.86

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $311.34

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $254.73

The ume motif is said to have been favored by Sen no Rikyu. It is considered a symbol of prosperity of offspring due to the fast growth, perseverance, and vitality of the ume tree, and is also considered a lucky pattern representing the New Year. 梅模様が全面に広がる和日傘

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Higasa (Japanese parasol) $254.73

This is a Japanese parasol made of Kyoto Yuzen Washi paper with a lovely plum komon pattern. Under the sunlight, the plum komon pattern shows through. 梅小紋もようの和日傘

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $226.42

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $396.25

This is the strongest Japanese parasol with both durability and beauty, made of sturdy Kuroya Unryu paper hand-made for Japanese parasols by Tsujikura craftsmen.

Out of stock
Higasa (Japanese parasol)Janome (Slender umbrella) $330.21