In the cherry blossom season

The season of cherry blossoms has begun.
Cherry blossoms” are a special flower for Japanese people.
The beauty of cherry blossoms has spread across the country as someiyoshino cherry trees have been planted all over the country.
Hanami dango” is said to be more important than “hanami dango,” but the white color is the color of snow and represents the remnants of winter, the pink color represents cherry blossoms and spring, and the green color is mugwort and represents the arrival of early summer.
The green color, mugwort, reminds us of the coming of early summer.
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, as if to announce that the long winter is finally over and spring has arrived.
After the gorgeousness of the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the cherry blossoms are so short-lived that they are called “Hanabukisuki” (“blowing snow”).
The most beautiful of all the cherry blossoms is the way they fall, which is called “Hanabukisuki” (“blowing snow”).
The gracefulness of the cherry blossoms must resonate with the Japanese heart.