Suzaku (Red) / Higasa_Specially selected Kurotani Washi

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Every one of its charms
– Wagasa, a Japanese umbrella that can be felt with all five senses

Every one of its charms
– Wagasa, a Japanese umbrella that can be felt with all five senses –

– Suzaku (Red) / Higasa_Specially selected Kurotani Washi –

Kurotani’s Unryu paper, handmade for Japanese umbrellas, is the strongest and most beautiful paper made by Tsujikura craftsmen.
Kurotani Washi,” the paper-making village of Ayabe, Kyoto, is a very rare type of Japanese paper, each sheet of which is made entirely by hand by craftsmen.
It is also used in the restoration of cultural properties because of its durability and longevity, and its ability to withstand long-term preservation.
This rare Kurotani unryu paper was used to make Tsujikura’s Japanese paper exclusively for the Japanese umbrella.
The deep crimson color of the jenome umbrella is reminiscent of a maiko (apprentice geisha).
The washi craftsman said it was very difficult to produce the specified color.
As Tsujikura hoped, deep crimson unryu paper was finally produced, and skilled craftsmen took their time and carefully made it into a parasol.

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The handle is made of black bamboo. The handle is made of black bamboo.
It feels smooth and comfortable in your hand.
When the umbrella is closed, it looks like a slender and beautiful bamboo umbrella.
When held up to the sun, the Kozo (paper mulberry) of the Unryu paper shows through.
Unryu-gami is a type of paper made of long fibers of kozo (paper mulberry) torn by hand and scattered on the base paper to form a cloud-like pattern.
The sound of the folded washi separating one by one when the umbrella is opened.
The stopper, which determines how the umbrella opens, is made of wood instead of metal fittings.
The sound of the wooden clasp is a pleasant echo.


Suzaku (Red) / Higasa_Specially selected Kurotani Washi


Material:Japanese traditional paper ‘washi’
Color: Red
Bone: Bamboo
Stretchers: 44
Shaft: Wood
Latch: Metal
Length: About 80.5cm (about 31.7inch)
Diameter: About 82cm (about 32.3inch)

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Gift of Tsujikura

Tsujikura’s wagasa umbrellas are highly appreciated as gifts for loved ones and as souvenirs or gifts for people overseas.
We will carefully deliver them in our gift wrapping.

Tsujikura’s original box and wrapping paper

The box is wrapped with black wrapping paper in an original cosmetic box specially designed for the Wagasa umbrella.
We have focused on simple packaging that enhances the color of the Wagasa and gives you a sense of joy when you open the box.

辻倉の化粧箱 シンプル
ギフト包装 シンプル