Japanese interior


Autumn is deepening and the days are getting shorter.
The trees in Higashiyama that you can see from the stores in Kyoto are dyed in autumn colors every day, and I’m looking forward to hunting for autumn leaves.

Recently, the number of inquiries about Japanese umbrellas has increased from overseas customers.
『I’m thinking of buying a Japanese umbrella as an interior, but what do you recommend? 』
Overseas customers are often more interested in Japanese interiors than practicality and purchase them.

A Japanese umbrella can be displayed on the high ceiling, or it can be lit up from the inside of the umbrella for indirect lighting.
From time to time, you may be surprised by new ideas.
A Japanese umbrella made mainly from natural materials that are carefully hand-crafted by Japanese umbrella craftsmen.
Even one piece has a strong presence as a Japanese interior.

Also, in the world of fashion, you can feel the look of a new Japanese umbrella by being featured in the December issue of “VOGUE”.

VOGUE 2021 12月