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TSUKIYAKKO is a Japanese umbrella with a traditional pattern that has been favored and carried by people with a high sense of beauty since ancient times.
A single Japanese umbrella resembling a moonlit night is distinguished by the beauty of its light and dark colors.
This pattern, created by skilled craftsmen using advanced techniques, is made one by one with detailed handwork, taking time to complete.
The finished Jyanome umbrella "TSUKIYAKKO" has a unique presence with its bright and dark colors.
Tsujikura's "TSUKIYAKKO" was created with the hope that many generations who are not familiar with Japanese umbrellas will rediscover the beauty of the umbrella.
To make depressing rainy days enjoyable, and as a Japanese-style interior.
We are pleased to offer you the "TSUKIYAKKO" Japanese umbrella, which will fascinate you with its presence.

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