Original Wahigasa EN
Series (parasol)

For one Japanese parasol to be produced, specific craftsmen undertake each separate process of making the ribs, creating the ‘rokuro’ to connect the ribs, and making the Japanese washi paper.
Thus each parasol is tailor-made by Tsujikura craftsmen.
Japanese parasols are made due to the connections between people, and Tsujikura seeks to pass these “EN” (connections) on to our customers, as well as to the next generation.
As part of our mission, we bring you the Japanese Parasol "EN" Series.

Tsujikura uses the most attractive Japanese washi paper such as Unryu (mulberry) paper and tie-dyed paper to produce Japanese parasols one rank above the rest.

Japanese parasols are not coated in lacquer so it is possible to enjoy the original beauty of the Japanese paper. They are used in Kyoto by Maiko (apprentice Geisha) etc. Recently Japanese parasols are gathering a lot of attention overseas as interior decoration.

Unryu (cloud dragon) paper is washi paper which has the long thin fibers of paper mulberry mixed in with pulp to create a cloud-like pattern. The unique texture highly improves its attraction as washi paper.

Tie-dyed washi paper is Japanese paper which is hand dyed using Japanese traditional methods. Each washi sheet is different giving a unique appearance to each parasol.

*Please note that these parasols may not be used in rainy weather.

Specially Chosen Decorative Strings

Classic Unryu Paper White Japanese Parasol

The Beauty of Washi Color Combinations

Tie-Dyed Washi is Hand-Dyed to Give Each Parasol a Unique Appearance


Higasa (Japanese parasol) $403.79

Kurotani's Unryu paper, handmade for Japanese umbrellas, is the strongest and most beautiful paper made by Tsujikura craftsmen.

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $240.35

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $240.35

Out of stock
Higasa (Japanese parasol) $230.74

Out of stock
Higasa (Japanese parasol) $403.79

This is the strongest Japanese parasol with both durability and beauty, made of sturdy Kuroya Unryu paper hand-made for Japanese parasols by Tsujikura craftsmen.