Each one is handmade by a Wagasa craftsman using Japanese materials as raw materials, just like a real Wagasa.
A miniature Japanese umbrella with a diameter of about 30-33cm when opened.
We can put a name on it to be personalized, so it can be special as a memento for celebrations such as the Doll’s Festival.
This “HIME WAGASA” is also recommended as a gift.

List of Products


Unryu Paper, Purple This is a Washi paper princess Wagasa with a cloud-like pattern created by plunging long and thin kozo fibers into the paper. This miniature size Wagasa is easy to use as a Japanese interior decoration. It is a great souvenir or gift for those who are interested in authenticity. Comes with a bamboo umbrella stand, umbrella bag, and a decorative box. ミニサイズの雲竜紙の紫色の和傘