Tsujikura Original Brand

Janome (slender Japanese umbrellas) and Bangasa (sturdy Japanese umbrellas) in the “Kiwami” series are masterpieces made by craftsmen with technical excellence, and use only the finest materials carefully selected by Tsujikura.

The washi paper is vegetable-dyed using natural materials, creating light and beautiful coloring, which cannot be produced using chemical dyes. Each sheet of washi paper is hand-made, making each one unique, and only the finest are carefully selected from these to make “Kiwami” series Japanese umbrellas.

The Japanese umbrellas, which are produced by craftsmen with technical excellence and which use materials carefully selected by Tsujikura, are not only very sturdy, but look exquisitely beautiful when held.

Light shines softly through the transparent hand-made vegetable-dyed washi paper, enveloping you in the gentle coloring which is enhanced by the black lacquered umbrella ribs to give an impressive and elegant appearance.

The “Kiwami” Series were created through the fusion of Tsujikura’s traditions, which have been passed down for over 300 years, with Etchu hand-made Japanese washi paper. “Kiwami” means ‘ultimate’ in Japanese, and it can truly be said that the “Kiwami” Series live up to their name as the ultimate Japanese umbrellas.

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