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Japanese Parasol (Higasa)

The Japanese parasol (Higasa) has an abundance of colors and patterns, and combined with decorated strings on the inner side, they give a bright impression. They are often used as a prop for dancing or as a sun parasol in summer to be used while wearing Japanese summer kimono (yukata) and also with western clothing. Furthermore, they are used on various occasions such as weddings and the 753 ceremonies for children, and always ensure a bright performance.
※The Japanese parasol is not waterproof so cannot be used in rainy weather.

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Higasa (Japanese parasol) $235.86

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $311.34

Higasa (Japanese parasol) $254.73

The ume motif is said to have been favored by Sen no Rikyu. It is considered a symbol of prosperity of offspring due to the fast growth, perseverance, and vitality of the ume tree, and is also considered a lucky pattern representing the New Year. 梅模様が全面に広がる和日傘

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Higasa (Japanese parasol) $254.73

This is a Japanese parasol made of Kyoto Yuzen Washi paper with a lovely plum komon pattern. Under the sunlight, the plum komon pattern shows through. 梅小紋もようの和日傘