Bangasa (Sturdy umbrella)

Bangasa (sturdy umbrella) is not a general term for Wagasa, but a type of Wagasa. Tsujikura Wagasa are made using processes that remain virtually the same as long ago. Among these, Bangasa are sturdily made with little decoration and are characterized by their thick stretchers, making them a Wagasa attractive for their simplicity. They are often placed outside restaurants and inns to welcome customers.

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Bangasa (Sturdy umbrella)


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This is a sturdy, old-fashioned Bangasa made of bamboo and Japanese paper. The washi is coated with vegetable oil specially designed for Japanese umbrellas to make it waterproof, so it can be used on rainy days. It is handmade in Japan by Wagasa craftsmen who take time to produce each one. Nokiyakko is a type of umbrella with a different color on the outside.