Have a Japanese umbrella

It’s still a little early for the autumn leaves, but I walked the walking course from Shijo Kawaramachi.
Go through Yasaka Shrine and take the stone digging alley and Nene no Michi to Kodaiji Temple.
Twice It is a course that makes you feel very Kyoto-like.

Kodaiji Temple is scheduled to have an autumn night visit from October 22nd (Friday) to December 12th (Sunday).
The scenery of our Japanese umbrella looks great no matter where you put it, and when you open the umbrella, you can see the eyes of people passing by.
I feel that walking with a Japanese umbrella is similar to walking with a bouquet.
The Japanese umbrella has the power to impress not only those who have it, but also those who pass each other.

When you come to Kyoto in the fall, I would like you to have the opportunity to see Tsujikura’s genuine Japanese umbrella and pick it up.