How to use
Japanese umbrella

How to Use a Wagasa

When carrying a Japanese umbrella, please hold it by the head, or by the strap attached to the head if you are using a janome umbrella, or by the leather strap attached to the head if you are using a bangasa.

How to open a rain umbrella (bangasa, janomegasa)

The rain umbrella is coated with vegetable oil on the surface of Japanese paper to make it waterproof. For this reason, it may be difficult to open with oil.
Please lightly hold the bottom part of the handle and push it upward to open slowly and carefully.

If you use a rain umbrella in rainy weather

After use on a rainy day, drain the water, open the umbrella to the middle or full length, and hang it in the shade.
Wiping off a wet umbrella with a cloth will damage the Japanese paper and accelerate its deterioration.

When the umbrella is dry, close it loosely and store it in a well-ventilated place. The umbrella should be stored in a well ventilated place. If the umbrella is stored without removing the tightening ring, the life of the umbrella will be shortened. Remove the fastening ring, loosen the umbrella, and store it in a well-ventilated place.

Color Change of Washi Paper

The umbrella is made of vegetable oil on the surface of Japanese paper for waterproofing.
Therefore, due to the characteristics of the oil, it will change from pale yellow to flax over time.
In particular, the more you use the white Japanese umbrella, the deeper it becomes and the more it becomes a tasteful color.
There is no effect on the strength of the Japanese umbrella.
We hope that you will enjoy the unique characteristics of natural materials.

Life span of a Japanese umbrella

If it is well preserved, you can use it with an umbrella that is 10 years old.

Since the umbrella is oiled for waterproofing, the deterioration of Japanese paper cannot be avoided over the years regardless of whether it is used or not due to the effect of the hardening action of the oil.

If it is torn apart, the washi paper has already reached the end of its useful life, so please replace it with a new umbrella. Umbrellas that are not oiled, such as parasols and dance umbrellas, will last longer because the life of Japanese paper is several times longer than that of rain umbrellas.

About reupholstering and repair

In order to re-cover, it is a prerequisite that the thread that connects the bone and the potter’s wheel is not broken and that the bone is not broken.
After that, peel off the lacquer, Japanese paper, and glue cleanly so as not to damage the bones, and start re-covering. This peeling work is very difficult and time-consuming. We recommend that you purchase a new umbrella.
However, please contact us if you have an umbrella that must be repaired and left.
We will consult with you after seeing the actual product.

If the Washi is torn, the repair method will vary depending on the condition.
The small holes are closed with petal-shaped Japanese paper to make it waterproof.

There are various repair methods, but it is impossible to match the type and color of Japanese paper. However, many inquiries often think that the paper is no longer at the end of its life and should be purchased rather than repaired. It cannot be repaired even when it is broken.
If the umbrella opens, but the stopper retracts and the umbrella closes, the stopper (hajiki) is defective. Repairs are possible.
Since Japanese umbrellas are made of natural materials, we would like you to consider them as consumables, but please keep them for as long as possible. I hope. If you have any problems, please contact us.

When using it on the stage

Our Japanese umbrella is manufactured so that it can be used as a normal rain umbrella or parasol.
It is designed to withstand practical use, such as opening and closing an ordinary umbrella, but when it is used for butoh, it causes an excessive load due to actions such as swinging it around and hitting the handle of the umbrella strongly. The umbrella may be damaged.
If the thread that connects the umbrella bones, which is the key to the umbrella, breaks, it will not be possible to repair it.
Please keep this in mind and thank you for your consideration when using it.